Friday, January 27, 2012

Looks can be deceiving

If you know me at all, you know trying new things has never been on my to do list. What can i say? I'm a creature of habit and go with what I know. It's safe and gives me warm and fuzzies. It also.... has got me nowhere. SO I have decided to broaden my horizons no matter what that may be.  I've been under the weather for a week now and chalk full of antibiotics, steroids, cough syrup, cough drops and soup. You could not pay me to eat ANOTHER bowl of soup. So, in an effort, to continue my weight loss and expand my palate I thought I'd share this questionable  BUT NEW cuisine.

Spring rolls, seaweed salad and cucumbers
 That's right! I said SEAWEED SALAD. It's quite the opposite of the mushy, gritty, green algae, you find at the bottom of pond water, that I imagined. It's crunchy and sweet and full of dreamy goodness. I think it's simply de-lish! So from one hungry girl to another...Give it a try! Just remember looks can be deceiving.

Now then, I am working on a hodge podge of exciting things for my new blog ie..figuring out a theme, what I want to post on certain days, what I want my site to actually look like...etc. With that being said, please don't panic and think I've thrown back to much cough syrup when you see my blog tweaking out and changing a lot. I'm only trying to figure this all out as i go.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Love & Blessings

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  1. Yay!!!! So, so glad you liked it! Pigs feet are next. Hehe....WAY kidding :)