Thursday, January 26, 2012

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I watch Friends every night. I own every episode and have seen each episode more times than i can count.

2. I'm always late- I'll be late to my own funeral.

3. I drink cofee every morning.

4. I pray everyday and throughout the day.

5. I find peace in my ♥ at church.

6. I don't like mean-spirited people.

7. I can't wait to be married and have kids oneday.

8. I have clothes everywhere and always have laundry to do.

9. My mother almost named me Bernadette.

10. I love thunderstorms.

11. I have to remind myself to eat breakfast every morning.

12 I fantasize about making a difference in peoples life.

13. I'm addicted to Coke..the drink, not the drug.

14. I have been to 11 countries.

15. I spent my 30th Birthday in Mexico with my brother.

16. I don't feel i have a true gift.

17. I journal everyday.

18. I love to enteratain and cook but never do it.

19. I want to own chickens.

20. I'm obsessed with the store Anthropology.

21. I've had one ankle reconstructed and now have pins holding it together. On that day my grandparents gave me an angel ring and i sleep with it in my pillow.

22. I can't keep a plant or flowers alive.

23. I've had 3 cars in 15 years.

24. I am the best "worst dancer/singer" in the world.

25. My Dad and brother tricked me into eating Calamari by telling me they were onion rings. After I had eaten most of them they told me what they actually were.

Don't you feel like you know me better and want to FOLLOW me?! The answer is Why yes, yes you do.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and we'll talk tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. You want to own chickens?? Well, that would be great with my baby sheep!

    You've made a difference in my life!

    And note to self, never start a garden with you. Between the both of us, I would give it a week! haha

    I love you mucho!