Saturday, August 11, 2012

Its been a long time.....

Its been a nice 6 months off but I'm baaaaaack! Seriously, have you missed me as much as I have missed you? Probably not, but in my world; you absolutley did. I have A LOT I have been working on and so lots of new things in store for y'all. That's right, I said, do say and will always say y'all! Moving on......The past 6 months have been a little bit of a roller coaster for me but who's life isn't, right? I've lost friends and people I have loved but 'Ive also gained new friends and fell back in love. And then fell out again :-/ I've spent most of my time being there for and helping friends out because the last couple of years I spent neglecting those friendships while trying to make other relationships work. It's been a nice change to forget myself and focus on others. I have, thank the good Lord, found my passion back in running! I am scheduled to run in the Tulsa Run in October which is 9 miles and also The Route 66 half marathon in November. Needless to say training is in full force. In between all this training and my daily life, I'll be revamping my blog so bare with me por favor. Yea, that's right, I know spanish. Now then, I am gonna have to leave this to a short and sweet 1st post back because I've got some Banana Nutella cookies to go make and my fingers are starting to slip on the keyboard from my drooling. I'll post pics and the recipe soon! Til next time, be there for one another, build eachother up and make people laugh.

"A pure eye lets sunshine into your soul" Matthew 6:22


Monday, February 13, 2012

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is " It's nice to be important but its important to be nice." What's yours?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In celebration of February

I LOVE the month of February! Not only is it my Birthday month (which I LOVE), but this month reminds me of all things LOVE. Did you notice I said "Birthday month?" The actual day is the 24th (may wanna write that down), but I don't just celebrate on that day. I celebrate ALL month long and am currently accepting all donations :) Ok, back to LOVE. February is just a special month. It's my birthday, it's my dad's birthday and Valentine's Day. It's the only month with less than 30 days. Sometimes it has 28 and sometimes it has 29. In case you didn't know, this year has 29. Hooray for leap year babies!  I think the only thing that would make February better is if the birthstone were pink not purple. I could call my people? Maybe you call your people? Together, we could get that changed.  This month just makes me think of hearts and sweets and cupid and romance. What can i say? I just LOVE!

 Here is just a sweet list of to do's for you

1. Fall in LOVE ( If you're already in love....fall deeper)
2. Be passionate and fearless
3. Listen to your
4. Be thoughtful and generous
5. Believe in LOVE at first sight
6. Hold hands and laugh nervously
7. Write love letters and make handmade gifts
8. Get dressed up for a date
9. Feel butterflies in your stomach
10. Run away together
11. Stay in bed All day
12. Create memories
13. Cuddle
14. Learn from eachother
15. Be patient and kind with your words
16. Be spontaneous and impulsive
17. Kiss eachother goodnight
18. Remember why you fell in LOVE

Be sweet and we'll talk again ;)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Workout Playlist

I don't know about you, but today I needed more than just a little motivation for my run. I found some GREAT  songs I HAD to add to my playlist.' Movin' from Group 1 Crew was my favorite so I picked that one to share.

And these are the others I found!

1. Group 1 Crew- Please don't let me go
2. Group 1 Crew- Keys to the Kingdom
3. Grits-.FLy Away
4.Trip Lee ft. Lecrae- Who He is
5.Trip Lee ft. Jai- Hero
6.21:03- you
7.Lecrae- Identifiy

With the help of my new tunes hopefully I can make it through my run because I realyl just want to grab a glass of wine and watch the bachelor!

I hope you like the new songs I added. Let me know what you think and tell me some of your songs that are great for a workout.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 Things......

I need to remember a few things and thought I would share

        Far to often I find myself saying, " when I loose weight i will..or when I make more money i will., when i get more time...." I know we all say it! If I can just remember there is no better time than NOW, I think I may get more accomplished.

         "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:2. HE has equipped us with everything we need to live the life He has planned for us. I certainly will be the first to admit I need to stop fighting with the good Lord and do my part because I KNOW He certainly is doing his. Often I find myself saying "OK God! I'm waiting, I'm here! Please do something! LIKE NOW! When really, I think He is the one waiting on me.

This ones a doozy. Yikes! I put my faith in many more things than I do in myself. Often I doubt myself in many many areas of life. If you've never spent much time in the Book of James, I recommend glancing through it. It covers many different issues, but faith is a common theme. I realized today that If the creator of everything believes in you...Why would you not believe in yourself? WOW! That's some powerful stuff right there.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.I hope the start of your week is fantastic and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Looks can be deceiving

If you know me at all, you know trying new things has never been on my to do list. What can i say? I'm a creature of habit and go with what I know. It's safe and gives me warm and fuzzies. It also.... has got me nowhere. SO I have decided to broaden my horizons no matter what that may be.  I've been under the weather for a week now and chalk full of antibiotics, steroids, cough syrup, cough drops and soup. You could not pay me to eat ANOTHER bowl of soup. So, in an effort, to continue my weight loss and expand my palate I thought I'd share this questionable  BUT NEW cuisine.

Spring rolls, seaweed salad and cucumbers
 That's right! I said SEAWEED SALAD. It's quite the opposite of the mushy, gritty, green algae, you find at the bottom of pond water, that I imagined. It's crunchy and sweet and full of dreamy goodness. I think it's simply de-lish! So from one hungry girl to another...Give it a try! Just remember looks can be deceiving.

Now then, I am working on a hodge podge of exciting things for my new blog ie..figuring out a theme, what I want to post on certain days, what I want my site to actually look like...etc. With that being said, please don't panic and think I've thrown back to much cough syrup when you see my blog tweaking out and changing a lot. I'm only trying to figure this all out as i go.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Love & Blessings

Thursday, January 26, 2012

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I watch Friends every night. I own every episode and have seen each episode more times than i can count.

2. I'm always late- I'll be late to my own funeral.

3. I drink cofee every morning.

4. I pray everyday and throughout the day.

5. I find peace in my ♥ at church.

6. I don't like mean-spirited people.

7. I can't wait to be married and have kids oneday.

8. I have clothes everywhere and always have laundry to do.

9. My mother almost named me Bernadette.

10. I love thunderstorms.

11. I have to remind myself to eat breakfast every morning.

12 I fantasize about making a difference in peoples life.

13. I'm addicted to Coke..the drink, not the drug.

14. I have been to 11 countries.

15. I spent my 30th Birthday in Mexico with my brother.

16. I don't feel i have a true gift.

17. I journal everyday.

18. I love to enteratain and cook but never do it.

19. I want to own chickens.

20. I'm obsessed with the store Anthropology.

21. I've had one ankle reconstructed and now have pins holding it together. On that day my grandparents gave me an angel ring and i sleep with it in my pillow.

22. I can't keep a plant or flowers alive.

23. I've had 3 cars in 15 years.

24. I am the best "worst dancer/singer" in the world.

25. My Dad and brother tricked me into eating Calamari by telling me they were onion rings. After I had eaten most of them they told me what they actually were.

Don't you feel like you know me better and want to FOLLOW me?! The answer is Why yes, yes you do.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and we'll talk tomorrow.