Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In celebration of February

I LOVE the month of February! Not only is it my Birthday month (which I LOVE), but this month reminds me of all things LOVE. Did you notice I said "Birthday month?" The actual day is the 24th (may wanna write that down), but I don't just celebrate on that day. I celebrate ALL month long and am currently accepting all donations :) Ok, back to LOVE. February is just a special month. It's my birthday, it's my dad's birthday and Valentine's Day. It's the only month with less than 30 days. Sometimes it has 28 and sometimes it has 29. In case you didn't know, this year has 29. Hooray for leap year babies!  I think the only thing that would make February better is if the birthstone were pink not purple. I could call my people? Maybe you call your people? Together, we could get that changed.  This month just makes me think of hearts and sweets and cupid and romance. What can i say? I just LOVE!

 Here is just a sweet list of to do's for you

1. Fall in LOVE ( If you're already in love....fall deeper)
2. Be passionate and fearless
3. Listen to your
4. Be thoughtful and generous
5. Believe in LOVE at first sight
6. Hold hands and laugh nervously
7. Write love letters and make handmade gifts
8. Get dressed up for a date
9. Feel butterflies in your stomach
10. Run away together
11. Stay in bed All day
12. Create memories
13. Cuddle
14. Learn from eachother
15. Be patient and kind with your words
16. Be spontaneous and impulsive
17. Kiss eachother goodnight
18. Remember why you fell in LOVE

Be sweet and we'll talk again ;)


  1. I love, love, love this!! And I love, love, love you :)

  2. Yay! I love it. I especially love the "I will call my people, you call your people" part. On a serious note - you are SO talented at writing.